about regalia

   Regalia is an annual fashion showcase and immersive art experience that raises funds for local community programs and organizations. This year we're partnering with Fiesta Youth to raise money for LGBTQ+ youth in San Antonio. For our 2019 theme, "Head in the Clouds" we expect to see elaborate sky inspired costumes and interactive experiences.

      We encourage our attendees to dress up based on our theme and to be ready to donate what they can to the cause. We came up with Regalia because we wanted to see more inclusive events where creatives could express themselves and be as extra as they wanted through fashion and costumes, which is the biggest thing we encourage you to do as a guest.

Regalia will be held in December 2019.

what to expect at regalia 2019

    Last years event included a glow in the dark art gallery, live art pieces, experimental installation art, local music acts, improv comedy, and burlesque. We were able to raise over $1,200 for our cause with the help of our talented local acts, generous artists, and interactive guests. This year we’re bringing the community together again for an experience full of amazing vendors, artists, food, and entertainment from our city.


    Showcase your looks in our sky themed photo rooms, shop for handmade goods and merch, be a part of the event by joining our costume contest, and network with San Antonio’s creative scene. Join our cause and our community at Regalia: Head In The Clouds, and know that your good time adds up to continued funding for a deserving organization.

about our partners

    Fiesta Youth is San Antonio's premier LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) non-profit youth organization for youth and their allies. (ages 12-18) They offer educational and enrichment programming/activities designed to help youth build a sense of community through friendship and peer connection through their weekly programming, special events, and partnered events with the San Antonio Library System and the YMCA of Greater San Antonio.

    They hope to empower youth to build a future where ALL people are accepted and loved as they are. In this way, their youth may become successful and contributing members of the community.

    September 2013 is when they opened the doors of our program. Now 5 years later they are going strong with additional programming nights, many community partners, and 2 huge fundraising events a year that keep the programming going from their generous sponsors, volunteers, and families. Learn more about Fiesta Youth and how you can help their cause here.

about midheaven creative & regalia events

   Midheaven Creative is a creative initiative group specializing in fashion, visual arts, events, and curating. Established in 2018, Midheaven strives to create groundbreaking, innovative campaigns, and art that highlight the beauty of community, self-expression, and culture. Regalia is amongst one of the first event experiences created by Midheaven in order to continually raise funds for hardworking and deserving organizations across San Antonio each year.

Visit us on Instagram: @mid_heaven

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